Nervous Patients

at Dentalcare Trowbridge

Dentalcare Trowbridge welcomes and supports nervous patients

Lots of people worry about visiting the dentist but for some this experience can be extremely frightening. If you suffer with dental anxiety you may be unable to sleep before your appointment, you may feel or be sick and you may suffer panic attacks.

Dental anxiety and dental phobia can be triggered by different reasons. Perhaps you’ve had a bad experience in the past at a dentist? Maybe you’re embarrassed about your teeth or perhaps you’re scared of the unknown?

If you suffer with dental anxiety you may do everything you can to avoid your regular dental check-ups. This can mean that your teeth become neglected and you miss out on treatment which in turn leads to more complex dental problems with more expensive consequences.

At Dentalcare Trowbridge we believe that everyone has the right to dental treatment, and we work hard to achieve that. Our caring team are highly experienced in dealing with nervous patients.

We work at your pace. The hardest part is often for you to make the initial contact with us, but once you’ve done that, we can talk to you and progress little by little to visiting the surgery and having a routine check-up without any other treatment.

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Nervous Patients

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Helping to overcome dental phobias in Trowbridge

We work with patients to find solutions that will work for you. We often find that if you have more knowledge about the dental processes and treatments that you will feel more in control. For this reason, we take time to get to know you and invite you into the surgery to talk to you before we even sit you in the dentist’s chair.


Some of the other things that can help include:

  • Booking a morning appointment so that you are not feeling nervous all day
  • Relaxation and breathing techniques
  • Increasing treatment sessions times little by little
  • Building confidence through increased knowledge
  • Local anaesthetic can be used to manage pain and overcome fear
  • Taking music or an audio book with you to listen to when you’re having your check-up


Feeling nervous about more complex treatments like dental implants or feeling scared about treatments that you think will be painful is understandable. Advances in technology now means that most dental treatments are far less invasive. We also offer local anaesthetic to help manage any pain. This is administered quickly and painlessly to the area where you need treatment which will quickly become numb so that you cannot feel anything.

If you’re a nervous patient or suffer with dental anxiety, we urge you to make the first step and call the surgery today.