Private Fees

at Dentalcare Trowbridge

Please note, that the below fees are under review and development, so please contact the Practice for accurate pricing, we apologise for inconvenience.

Private fees guide

Whatever your dental treatment requirements, we have a complete choice of high quality private treatments at Dentalcare Trowbridge to help maintain and make the most of your smile.

Private Services Fees
New Patient Examination Inc. X-Rays and Report £60.00
Routine Examination £50.00
Emergency Appointment Inc. X-Rays £65.00
Study Models £60.00
Hygienist Visit (30 minutes) £70.00
Hygienist Visit (45 minutes) £100.00
Airflow Visit Plus Hygienist (40 minutes) £100.00
OPG – Referrals to Bradford on Avon £120.00


Restorative / Preventative Services Fees
Fissure Sealants From £50
Silver Filling Small From £80
Silver Filling Medium to Large From £100
Composite Filling Small (Buccal Only) From £130
Composite Filling Small From £140
Composite Filling Medium From £150
Composite Filling Large From From £175
Glass Ionomer Filling From £100
Veneers From £900


 Aesthetic Crowns (Depending on Material) Fees
Porcelain Bonded Non-Precious Incisor From £650
Porcelain Bonded Non-Precious Premolar From £700
Porcelain Bonded Non-Precious Molar From £750
Porcelain Crown Incisor From £650
Porcelain Crown Premolar From £700
Porcelain Crown Molar From £750
Zirconia Crown Premolar From £650
Zirconia Crown Molar From £750
Full or Jacket Crown Non-Precious Metal From £650
Emax Crown Molar From £750
Emax Crown Premolar From £750
Gold Crown Incisor/Premolar/Molar From £675
Crown Recement  £65
Root Canal Treatment Incisor  From £550
Root Canal Treatment Premolar From £650
Root Canal Treatment Molar  From £700


Surgical Services Fees
Simple Extractions  From £150
Surgical Extractions  From £300
Wisdom Teeth Extractions  From £500
Vital Pulpotomy  From £75


Prosthodontics Fees
Acrylic Denture  From £725
Flexible Denture  From £999
Cobalt Chrome Denture  From £1150


Whitening Fees
Pola Home Teeth Whitening  £300
Pola in Surgery and Home Whitening  £499
Specialist Services Fees
Periodontist/Implant Consultation £50
Invisalign consultation From £50
lnvisalign Express Single Arch From £1900
lnvisalign Express Dual Arch From £2500
lnvisalign GO Single Arch From £3500
lnvisalign GO Dual Arch From £4500
Removal of bonded retainer £50
Bonded Retainer £225 per arch
Removable Retainer £120 per arch
Set of 3 Removable Retainers £300 per arch

Missed appointments information

If you fail to attend a private appointment we will charge you the cost of time spent. We do not charge for NHS failed appointments however policy for missed appointments applies.